Classical Hatha yoga and meditation, yoga for people living with cancer, yoga for healthy lower backs, and specialist classes for women - pregnancy yoga and post natal yoga (for mums and babies) - in Bristol and Stroud, with Frankie Duggan. Yoga is a highly practical system designed to bring greater balance and harmony into everyday life. By working with the body, using the breath consciously, and learning to observe our mental and emotional responses, we gradually become more at ease with ourselves and with the world around us.

I attended my first yoga class as a teenager, and then again at university, when I was looking to learn how to relax and cope with exam stress. It made a big impression on me for its power to help me find balance, calm and strength, and I also loved the meditative and spiritual side of its teachings. I carried on going to weekly classes for about ten years, and eventually decided I wanted to know more and to go deeper by doing a teacher training course. I trained with Swami Vedantananda Saraswati in London, and have a teaching diploma from the British Wheel of Yoga as well as The Bihar School of Yoga. I have been teaching classical hatha yoga classes since 1999, and am fully insured by the British Wheel of Yoga. A typical class includes a balance of posture work (asana), breathing practices (pranayama), and relaxation or meditation.

In 2003 I went on to train with Birthlight to teach dedicated yoga classes for pregnant women and postnatal women, and have run weekly pregnancy and postnatal classes for 15 years. 

More recently, I have trained to teach a specialist 12-week programme of Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs and will be beginning a class in Stroud in September 2016.  

I also offer yoga to people living with cancer, having trained with Julie Friedeberger, who teaches a specialist Module for the British Wheel of Yoga. As a result, I am becoming more aware of what yoga can offer us as we approach the end of life : a range of profoundly effective practices which can nurture, transform, liberate and heal.

Working with people at both the beginning and end of life is both humbling and rewarding.  At the heart of it all, yoga invites us to live this life with awareness, and teaches us the skills to do just that.

I plan to set up a dedicated yoga class for people living with cancer soon - watch this space! In the meantime, I offer both individual sessions and one-off classes. 
Contact me if you are interested in yoga for healthy lower backs, or if you are living with cancer and would like to do some yoga.

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