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The British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) is the National Governing Body for Yoga in the UK, and has been recognised as such by the Central Council for Physical Recreation (CCPR) and Sport England since 1993.

Regional arm of the British Wheel, with details of classes and courses in the South West.

Sissel Fowler

My first yoga teacher, to whom I am eternally grateful for introducing me to yoga with such grace, joy and skill.

I trained to be a yoga teacher with the hugely experienced, wonderful, warm and light-hearted Swami Vedantananda in London in 1999-2000.

Birthlight provides internationally acclaimed training for yoga teachers and promotes an integrated, holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period. I trained with its founder, Francoise Freedman, in 2004, to teach perinatal yoga (yoga for the pre and postnatal period).

I have also trained to teach yoga to mums and babies, family yoga, yoga for the eary years period, and well woman yoga therapy (also known as womb yoga) with Uma of womb yoga.

Julie Friedeberger

Julie runs the specialist BWY Module, Yoga for People living with Cancer. I trained with her in 2013.

Swami Pragyamurti

Another hugely experienced and inspirational woman, who teaches and practises yoga in London.  I have been on many day and weekend courses with her, and in 2014 I completed her specialist Meditation Course - a year long course for yoga teachers to deepen their own meditation practice, and to improve their meditation teaching skills. 

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Institute

Accredited by BWY as a Recognised Centre of Excellence for Training and Standards. I trained to teach yoga for healthy lower backs in 2015 with Alison Trewhela, who designed this specialist programme.

Taming the Beast

This is a wonderful website, full of really useful information and resources to help understand pain, particularly persistent pain, and manage it more effectively.  The science of pain has shifted very significantly in recent times, away from seeing the body as problematic, and towards understanding how the nervous system is involved and how we can retrain our pain systems and recover from pain.

Ayurveda, Yoga and Food

I have recently learned to cook the Ayurvedic way with the wonderful and very calm Shila Vithlani - a fun, nutritious and different approach for me - and a wonderful complement to my yoga practice.

Pete Blackaby
 - Intelligent Yoga

I am currently studying on a 9-month long course with Peter Blackaby, who brings a modern perpective to the practice of yoga, in a deeply thoughtful and enjoyable way.
Have a look at Pete's website for more information:

Miller Design.  Lovely design, lovely people.

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