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Postnatal yoga for mums in Stroud, from birth to one year old.  A friendly and supportive space to help you heal and strengthen your body after birth. You can bring your baby too, and learn to have yogic fun together! Saturday morning yoga sessions for mums - these Yoga for Mums Saturday sessions are suitable for all mothers, whether you have a baby, toddler, or teen. Treat yourself to a longer session of nourishing and rejuvenating yoga.

What classes are like

Postnatal Yoga can be structured around your changing needs as you recover from the experience of pregnancy and birth. Yoga in the postnatal period works particularly with pelvic floor and abdominal strength, pelvic stability, and practices which help to keep the chest open. If you come with your baby, he/she will be very much a part of the session too - with some songs and rhymes, lifts and carries, and baby yoga practices appropriate for the age of your baby. A postnatal yoga session always finishes with a relaxation - often this is what we most need! If baby is with you too, this also gives you an opportunity to learn to rest in his/her presence. It is a rare treat for babies to be in the presence of relaxed adults, and a skill well worth developing.

Saturday mornings of Yoga for Mums 10am-1pm
These sessions run every other month or so, and are especially for mothers, with or without previous yoga experience, to give you some space for yourself, so that you can return to the work of mothering with renewed energy and enthusiasm. 
We practise postures, sequences and breathwork which help build (or re-build) strength, stamina & energy, promote healing, and help you to feel connected to yourself and other mothers.  All mums at all stages of mothering are very welcome – and the practices are also safe and appropriate for women in the immediate postnatal period (4 months-2 years after a baby's birth), when we are more vulnerable to injury. 
There is a break half way through the morning, for tea and a chat - and, if you are a breastfeeding mother, time to feed your baby if 3 hours is too long to go between feeds.  
We finish with a wonderfully healing and restoring relaxation practice, called Yoga Nidra.

See the classes & courses page for dates of next sessions.
Numbers are limited to 12 women - contact me to book a place -

"Frankie's post natal yoga studio provides an oasis of tranquility, calm and an uplifting view of trees and stream, a beautiful setting for yoga that is both powerful and relaxing, strengthening and balancing. Frankie is a warm, responsive, dedicated teacher with many years experience, she creates a safe, relaxing, light hearted environment for restoration and nourishment. I always feel more easy in myself after her class. Hugely recommended."  Lisa

What to bring

There’s no need to bring any yoga equipment. Just bring anything you need for changing and feeding your baby.

What experience do I need, and when can I start?

No previous yoga experience is needed. The postnatal period is a wonderful time to start yoga – we tend naturally to be very open at this time, which makes us particularly good students.

You can book a postnatal yoga session as soon after the birth as you feel ready. Your baby is welcome to come with you, until he/she is walking.

SPARK article Aug-Nov 2006
Yoga for mums and babies - Nick Stonex

This class is designed for new mums who are feeling like moving again; for those who may feel isolated or for those who simply want to embrace and celebrate their new baby. The aim of the class is to help women recover postnatally. Sessions include strengthening yoga postures, rhymes that babies love and the chance to relax in a friendly and supportive space.

Each week we’d start by saying how we felt, how our week had been, with plenty of space for everyone to really listen and be supportive, and sometimes to offer advice. Then we’d have about an hour of yoga. This included breathing and pelvic floor exercises and stretches.  We worked in a circle, with an inner circle of cushions for our babies to sit or lie on.

The yoga is for the mums, not the babies, the babies are there because you are, but the beauty of the sessions is finding way to involve your baby in the process.

Some of my favourite bits involved using rhymes and singing.  One exercise had us clicking our fingers, another playing “Row, row, row your boat” with my baby. One great exercise is where we sat in a circle, with one knee raised, with our babies on that raised knee – they are all facing each other in the circle and we sing a song about jumping beans. Each baby in turn gets to be the biggest jumping bean and gets lifted high into the air – much fun and laughter! And other exercise involve holding the babies so they can look at each other as well as mums.

At the end we’d do relaxation and winding down exercises for about ten minutes, and Frankie would offer to take the baby if it was crying and you really needed to chill.

Although the yoga is definitely for the grown ups we were encouraged to watch our babies and look at how they move – how flexible they are and draw a bit of inspiration from them. A wonderful meeting of little bodies and big personalities!

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