yoga classes for women 

I offer specialist yoga classes for women at all stages of life.

A yoga practice is particularly valuable at times of transition and change.  

As women, we go through many changes in life which have their origin in the body - from our own experience of the monthly rhythm of the menstrual cycle, to the major transition of menopause. At some stage during this time we may also make the transition to motherhood - or we may decide we do not want children, or find that we cannot have them. We each have our own relationship with the life cycles that play out in the intimacy of the female body. 

Yoga is very personal and can be practised at any stage in our lives. It helps us to increase vitality and reduce stress levels so that we can adapt to change - physically, mentally and energetically. It also provides valuable time out from thinking, and so a space in which to integrate change.

I offer the following yoga classes for women in Stroud:

Weekly yoga classes for women

Pregnancy Yoga

Birth Preparation sessions for Couples

Postnatal and Baby Yoga

Yoga for Mums - Saturday sessions

Weekly yoga classes for women - Moving with Change

A weekly women's yoga class on Thursday mornings for the women of Stroud! A specialist 2-hour yoga class for women who want to use a yoga practice to work with and support the wisdom of our changing life cycles - around fertility and menstruation, the changes childbirth and parenting bring if we become mothers, and the major transition of the menopause - and to help move through the other changes life brings or we would like to bring about. A supportive and friendly class, suitable for all women. Please contact me if you are interested.

Pregnancy Yoga

Doing some yoga while you are pregnant gives you space to integrate the enormous changes which happen during pregnancy and the transition to motherhood. Yoga practices help you to connect with yourself and your baby on all levels - body, mind and heart - and so to be more present to your unborn baby. You can then slow down, bond with your baby, and prepare for the birth. 

I offer one-to-one sessions and/or sessions with your partner during pregnancy, and one-off birth preparation sessions (these are best done after 34 weeks). 1:1 sesssions are for 1 hour, or 75 minutes.
A 1-hour session costs £45, and 75 minutes costs £50. 

Movements to help your body adapt to pregnancy, and, later in pregnancy, for moving through labour.
Breathwork to increase energy and soothe the nervous system. Learning to work use the breath as a tool for letting go is also fabulous preparation for labour.
Deep Relaxation - Yoga Nidra - a wonderful relaxation practice which can also be used to help your partner bond with the baby.

No previous yoga experience is necessary.  You can contact me to arrange a session at any time during your pregnancy.  You can also book a session to help you conceive.

Birth preparation sessions for couples

"Your yoga really helped me and guided us." Nancy

These longer sessions focus on using yoga practices to prepare for labour and birth.  They help to build confidence, especially for the birth of a first baby, or after a previous difficult birth experience.

The sessions are designed for women and their birthing partners as an opportunity to rehearse the birthing journey together.

They are practical sessions with time devoted to physical, mental and emotional preparedness for mother and birth partner, so that you both feel confident, and have techniques to stay calm and centred. We cover:
•    positions and movements that may be helpful in labour,
•    positions to rest in (equally important!)
•    breathing
•    visualisation
•    affirmation/mantras
•    a deep relaxation practice, for you, baby and your birthing partner to enjoy together
The sessions are informal and run according to demand.
I charge £50 per couple, or £70 if the session is tailored to one couple only.
Sessions are arranged to suit your availability, usually in the evening or at a weekend.

Postnatal Yoga and Saturday morning Yoga for Mums

Postnatal Yoga can be structured around your changing needs as you recover from the experience of pregnancy and birth. After the birth of a baby, we ususally need to focus on regaining pelvic floor tone and abdominal strength, pelvic stability, and to work with practices which help to keep the chest open. Your baby is very welcome to come along too and be part of the session, with some baby yoga practices appropriate for the age of your baby. A postnatal yoga session always finishes with a relaxation - often this is what we most need! If baby is with you too, this also gives you an opportunity to learn to rest in his/her presence. It is a rare treat for babies to be in the presence of relaxed adults, and a skill well worth developing.

No previous yoga experience is necessary.  Contact me if you'd like to book a session or to ask for more information.
1:1 sesssions are for 1 hour, or 75 minutes.  A 1-hour session costs £45, and 75 minutes costs £50.

Saturday mornings of Yoga for Mums 10am-1pm
These sessions run every few months, and are especially for mothers, with or without previous yoga experience, to give you some space for yourself, so that you can return to the work of mothering with renewed energy and enthusiasm. 
We practise postures, sequences and breathwork which help build (or re-build) strength, stamina & energy, promote healing, and help you to feel connected to yourself and other mothers.  All mums at all stages of mothering are very welcome – and the practices are also safe and appropriate for women in the immediate postnatal period (4 months-2 years after a baby's birth), when we are more vulnerable to injury. 
There is a break half way through the morning, for tea and a chat - and, if you are a breastfeeding mother, time to feed your baby if 3 hours is too long to go between feeds.  
We finish with a wonderfully healing and restoring relaxation practice, called Yoga Nidra.

See the classes & courses page for dates of next sessions.
Numbers are limited to 12 women - contact me to book a place -

"Frankie's post natal yoga studio provides an oasis of tranquility, calm and an uplifting view of trees and stream, a beautiful setting for yoga that is both powerful and relaxing, strengthening and balancing. Frankie is a warm, responsive, dedicated teacher with many years experience, she creates a safe, relaxing, light hearted environment for restoration and nourishment. I always feel more easy in myself after her class. Hugely recommended."  Lisa

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