Yoga and Chronic Pain  

Chronic back pain is the most burdensome health issue we face, but our understanding of chronic pain is improving all the time. The good news is that the body and brain are adaptable, and will change if we train them. Quality movement, repeated in a supportive environment, is known to be one of the best ways of doing this.   

I offer 2 classes for those interested in using yoga to improve their back health: 

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs - 12 week course

A specialist weekly class devised by experienced yoga teachers and back pain experts. It is gentle, simple and effective, and gives you the tools to improve your back health through a progressive series of posture sequences for healing, back pain prevention, strengthening and mobilising. It is suitable for beginners and experienced students alike. The programme was used in a trial to evaluate the effectiveness of yoga for chronic low back pain.  It was one of the largest yoga trials worldwide, and it found that yoga is one of the most effective options for improving back health in the long term.
You can see the research details and a four-minute video here

The video clip below is a useful overview of lower back pain and its management:

See the classes and courses page for details of current yoga for backs classes in Stroud.

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"I very much enjoyed your gentle and clear way of teaching and feel I benefitted a lot from doing the course." (Anne)


Monthly workshops for on-going back health

If you have done the 12-week course and would like some on-going support for home practice, or if you would simply like to do something extra for your back, these are 90-minute workshops which focus on easy practices to help reduce pain and to maintain or improve your back health. They will also help you move more easily in daily life. I will be using some practices learned during my generalist yoga training, including yoga nidra (deep relaxation), along with what I have learnt from the specialist training "Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs".  These are informal, friendly sessions, and my aim is always to respond to those present in the room with what I teach.

You can sign up for all 3 workshops, or just 1 or 2.  Places will be limited to 8.

See the classes and courses page for details of current yoga for backs classes in Stroud.

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